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To develop of a top quality basketball league for urban professionals that will interact closely with schools and community groups. Our main purposes will be to provide high quality facilities for adults and youth for recreational programs and utilizing a series of motivational, awareness and wellness clinics.

Michael P. Williams, President
Dick Barnett, Ph.D., Commissioner
Matthew Mayo, Vice President
Phil Baumgarten, CPA


All of our games will be held at some of the most elite basketball facilities in New York. Such as FIT, Columbia University, Trinity School, Baruch College
and other such facilities.

Former NBA player operates our league and former NBA and Division One professionals referee our games.

Our basketball games and programs will be attended by NBA legends

Earl Monroe
Dick Barnett

Our goal is to provide a top quality basketball league, at a reasonable cost.

There are many benefits for participants playing in the Worldwide Basketball League. The league will conduct a series of workshops, outreach programs and awareness, motivation, and intervention initiatives in the public schools as part of its outreach programs.

We will also conduct a series of Knicks Clinic, for both our adult and youth basketball programs. Our adult programs will focus on wellness concepts, coping with stress, pressure and productive exercise. Our youth programs will focus on basketball skills and peer pressure.

We will have summer basketball camps for boys and girls, (ages 6-17) to improve basic basketball skills and fundamentals in everyday situations.

Our 10 game full court season begin on Sept 6th. There will be a team scrimmages before the start of the season. There will also be two playoff games. We will provide ten league shirts to each team. Each team will be rated by a former NBA player, and placed in one of nine divisions. We will have two divisions for womens, which will be operated by former WNBA players and referees.

All of our referees are former NBA referees or Division one referees. Our games will be played in the evenings. We will have our last Open Scrimmage on August 23rd, for individuals who wished to be played on a team. Our open scrimmage for women will be held on August 24th at the Trinity School.

In the case of company sponsoring teams, players need not work for the sponsoring firm, but must be 18 years of age.

Our outreach programs will include seminars, field trips, small group projects, large group lectures, films and problem solving strategies.


Our youth programs are like no other in the country. Our variety of programming meets the needs of every player. Our three distinctive programs include:

Individual Programs: Shooting instructions, One on One, Ball handling and Drills. A week of shooting instructions will have players leaving with improved confidence.

Team Programs: Three on Three, Games, Drills, Special situations and expert coaching. High School Varsity, JV and Freshman as well as Junior High teams will attend. Teams will be grouped into leagues based on ability and age and will be assigned an experienced staff member. A perfect blend of practice time, games, team development and team challenges makes this the ideal program for teams of all levels.

Shooting Day Camps: (6th-12th graders) This camp focuses on creating a better shooter through our drills and shooting instructions programs. Players will be given daily video shooting instructions. The finer points of perimeter play and post play will also be taught in small groups. Each player will leave with a video and written evaluation and practice tips.


Our proactive involvement in sports has presented numerous opportunities to interact with school, corporations, community based organizations and government agencies. A concerted effort will be made to reach out to young adults to improve their life chances. Our outreach mission is targeted toward individuals in adolescent and early teen-age years. Our concept utilizes a number of instructional strategies to assist individuals in understanding their emotional and psychological transition to adulthood. Our workshops are geared to confronting a number of issues.

Wellness Concept (Drugs, Tobacco, Alcohol, Stress and Steroids) Dream Track Concept (Goals, Plans, Vehicle and Step by Step Process) Peer Mediation (Special situations, Conflict Resolutions and Role Models)


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